Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last post of 2014

December 31st, 2014 got here a lot faster then I had anticipated, but alas here were are.  I have been so busy and haven't even had a chance to catch up on my blog reading for about two month now and even blogging.  I am a terrible blogger... lol.  A couple days ago I started to feel the symptoms of a cold coming on and today it is offically here.  And... this is why I am here now able to blog today.  I finally get to stop and slow down and just relax at home even though I feel like crap.

~Moving Along~

With 2015 pretty much here, I took some time to think about a bucket list for the new year to come

// Starting Jan 1st begin the journey to reading the entire Bible in a year.  Hopefully sooner then the whole year but I am giving myself the full year

// More prayer.  I need more prayer time in my life and just more God time all around. 

// Less eating out, staying in more and cooking.  I like cooking but I am lazy and my laziness gets in the way.  When meal time is approaching it's just easier for me to go somewhere but I want to change that and cook a lot more.

// Transplant!!! Hopefully this year is the year for me and a new kidney or two. 

// Keep in touch a lot better with my friends.  No matter how hard I tried I was just terrible at keeping in touch with like 5 life long friends of mine.  I miss them!

// Start sowing more and making more bags and even venture into clothing

// Taking more pictures.  Yes, I think this has made it in a few previous post but I have a new camera and I want to start taking more pictures to share you all/

// Blog more and hopefully make a few blog friends! :-)

// Be more intentional with everyone and anyone I cross paths with

These are my 2015 hopes and wishes.  Joining Anne from "Love the Here and Now" for Wednesday Wishes

Love the Here and Now

Thank you for stopping by.  Hopefully you'll see more of me in this coming new year.

May 2015 bring much joy to you and many blessings.  

Till next time,

Monday, December 8, 2014

December already?!

Big FAIL again

It seems as though I once again disappeared.  Well,... I did.  I skipped one day and the next thing I knew it was November 30th and we were heading into December 1st.  I even thought to myself, "I am going to post tomorrow the 1st of December" and as you can see we are on the 8th day of December and I am barely posting.  What a lazy bum I am.  Lol.  

A goal for this month is to blog as much as I can.  Let's see if I am able to accomplish that goal it seems much easier then blogging everyday right now.   I am still hopeful that ONE DAY I will succeed in blogging everyday in one entire month.  I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed on that one.

Update Time 

In the past month not much has changed.  

I still have no transplant and I am patiently waiting.

Yeah, that's about it.  At this point my life is not at all interesting, however, I hope that one day it will be.  

The picture above is of the tree I decorated at my sisters salon.  It has combs, hair rollers and clips.  How clever right?  Can you believe that it is almost Christmas?  We only have a couple more weeks.  That is so crazy to me.  I feel like yesterday it was barely January 1st and we were rolling into 2014 now 2015 is creeping up and guess what?  My 10 year High school reunion is coming up.  What?!!!! Already? Yup, already!  I do feel a little older but not at all how I thought I would feel 10 years post high school.  It's still so weird to me to see my friends with families and even including myself.  When I look in the mirror I don't see that much time has passed but then I look at the world around me and realize that it has.

I guess I will end this blog and that and hopefully I will be here the next day and the day after that.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I really do pray you have an amazingly blessed week.

Till next time,