Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First Post

This is exciting!  I have started a few blogs but have not been successful in BLOGGING in them.  This time I hope things will be different.  This blog will be a personal outlet for me.  Here I will share some moments of my life, as well as beauty reviews (not that I am an expert or anything) and maybe fashion snippets and health as I try to stay healthy on dialysis.  I do sewing projects (I am self taught and learning more) and hope to do a lot more to share here and hopefully you guys like them enough to maybe purchase a few items.  My main focus for this blog is just to be me! Things that I like, dislike and think.  Hopefully I get some readers though because at the moment I have 1.  Yes, that reader is only me.  I don't know if I should talk about me all in this post or if I should gradually reveal parts of me.  Not sure, but I think I will do a gradual reveal, however, below I am pasting a post I did on my previous blog.  It'll reveal a part of my life that is very important and I deal with on the daily basis.

I need to heat a bag!!! 

Odd right?  Though an odd thing to say that is something I say and think on a daily basis.  I am a 27 year old on peritoneal dialysis, also known as PD.  My condition?  End Stage Renal Disease (esrd).  At times the journey has been tough and tiring, but I have had very fulfilling moments in my life, full of love and joy from family, friends, and even my medical team, except for Medicare and Medi-cal.  They certainly are a pain to work with.

So, let me start on 6/01/2010.  Feeling ill and do not know what can possibly be wrong with me.  Go to clinic, tell doctor how I feel, inform of previous kidney problems, he immediately says I need to go to the ER.  Go to the ER, did not want to accept the problems could be my kidneys.  Guess what?  It was my kidneys!  Bummer right?  I was scared!  I wanted to scream NO!!!  I did not though; I wanted to be strong for my mom and my siblings.  During the time we were in the ER I kept blacking out and I remember thinking "I don't see the light!  God please don't let this be my time".  Coming in and out of it.  I was not in good shape.  I won't go into details today but maybe one day I will.  I was admitted in the hospital.

6/03/2010 was day of surgery for insertion of a perm-cath in my chest for Hemo-Dialysis.  Scary?  Oh Yes!!!  I had heard horror stories about dialysis, I was terrified but I knew it had to be done and God gave me the strength to continue on.   So I went to surgery and when I came out they immediately took me into my first treatment of Hemo-Dialysis, once again I was scared that it was going to hurt.  Ok, I am hooked up to the machine and the only discomfort I feel is from the surgery but not too bad.  I don't feel the blood going out and back in.  Ok that is a good sign.  First treatment done!  “That wasn't so bad”, goes through my head.

I have to have a complete separate paragraph for this part.  Night of surgery, my pain medicine is wearing off.  It burns where I got the catheter.  Oh my goodness I felt as though that spot on my chest was literally lit on fire.  The pain was crazy.  Actually, I would not consider the sensation of burning pain.  That is something completely different, completely.  No joke!  I can handle pain but burning?  Umm... not so much.

Hemo-Dialysis was not so bad.  I was fortunate to not really feel any of the symptoms related to Hemo-Dialysis during and after treatments, however, I did not like sitting in a chair 3 times a week for 3 plus hours.  Yuck!  The worst part was seeing everybody else have to go through it.  They were all way older than me and they looked so sad.  I wish there was something I could do for them but I knew that I could not provide them with what they really needed because I too was there for the same reason.

Finally 3 months after I started Hemo-Dialysis I was able to go on PD, which has been wonderful.  Ok, as wonderful as it can be.  I mean I would certainly love the ability to not have to rely on a machine to live but given the circumstances I enjoy it the best.  I get to do dialysis every night while I am sleeping and like Hemo there is no pain.  I enjoy it and in my personal opinion if you are capable of doing PD go for it.  Being a kidney patient requires a lot of dedication to YOU, you must stay on top of everything.  Your life and health depends on it.  It really is not a game; life is not a game. 

Jesus loves you!  Yes, he does (whether you know him or not) and he loves me too.  God is great people.  Believe me when I say that without God in my life I would not be where I am with this and I truly fully with all my heart believe that.  I do

Till next time.  God Bless!

That was my post.  Not much has changed.  I am still doing dialysis every night.  My husband has been so loving and supportive.  God truly has been great to me.  He has blessed me oh so much and though I m going through this life threatening disease I feel amazing to be alive and to be able to see my family and friends grow along side me.  I hope you have a swell day and I look forward to your visit again.

Thank you,

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