Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back for good

So... I finally got a computer, a MacBook to be exact. I haven't had a Mac since my iMac in 1997 (or 98, don't really remember). I have been playing around with it and getting adjusted to the shortcuts, which they are not too different from a Windows processor. Life has been pretty good I can't complain.

My labs have been coming out pretty good according to my Dialysis peeps. The only problem for a couple days was my potassium being a little high but I managed to get it under control. When my potassium get high I smell this weird metal smell and my body feels really heavy and tingly. It's not fun but luckily there is medicine to bring it down. I just don't understand sometimes why it gets high. I try my very best no to ingest foods that are high in potassium but it seems that even looking at fruit my mind tricks my body and it is as if I ate the dang fruit I was drooling over.

Recently however, my EVIL Aunt Flo (continues to be a big pain) has been visiting me for a couple days and has me stuck on my couch watching too much television. Yesterday I watched this new show that I found to be pretty interesting on ABC Family it's called Chasing Life and it is about this young lady who finds out she has Lukemia at a time in her life where everything seems to be going right. I can relate to that because my life came crashing down at a time I could only see it go up. I'm excited to keep up with this series and see how the story unfolds.

On other news the back windshield in my car was shattered.  WHY? I have no idea.  My car was outside my brothers house and when I went out to get something I saw the windshield broken.  It is so annoying that people do this.  I just don't understand why someone would take the time to just brake someones window.  I have a feeling I know who it is and it makes me even more angry but it's ok its just a window and one day they will have to answer for their behavior I just pray they stop acting so childish.

Thanks for checking in

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