Friday, July 11, 2014

To be Honest

I was having trouble deciding what today's post should be about.  So asked a new friend if she had a suggestion and she suggested an Honesty post.  Thank you!
Night Owl Venting
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So...  here it goes.  To be honest

//I can't stand it when people in a movie theater talk during the movie.  If its the trailers ok, I may be ok with it but if it is during the actual movie.  That is a major NO, NO, NO!  Keep it in your head and spill it, later please and thank you.

//I'm addicted to (I don't want to admit it) Dice with Buddies.  It's like Yahtzee!

//I always have a smile on my face even when I feel like I'm dying inside be it because I feel bad due to my kidneys or because I'm having a bad day.

//I let my sister get the best of me and it really annoys me.  She has this way of being able to make me feel terrible with very little words since I was a little girl.  She is 12 years older then me, however,  when it comes to maturity, it is as if it were to be the other way around.

//I dislike conflict with a passion but in my head I am very good at it, just not outside my head.

//I like my nails to be polished at all times and when they are not my fingers feel naked.

//While we are on the subject of nail polish, I must share that I own a total of 84 nail polish colors and the collection is growing.  Ahhh, think I might be a little obsessed?  No, right?

//I like to dance in my room and lip sync.  I think I'm quite good at it.  Hahaha...

//I dislike negativity and embrase positivity with open arms.

//I don't like one of my sister-in-laws because she's a crazy___________ you can fill in the blank.

//I ran out of things... but I will back be with more on a later post.

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