Monday, September 15, 2014

Blogtember Challenge shall begin

Okay, so I seem to be starting this challenge half-way through the month.  I thought that by the 1st of September life would have slowed down a little but I was wrong hence I'm starting this challenge 15 days late.  I hope that is okay and I'm forgiven lol.

The September 15th prompt is to make a mood board.  This is my current mood state.

//About a week ago I got a haircut, I got 14 inches chopped off by my cosmetologist sister and she gave me a LOB (long bob).  It is taking me a while to get used to it and learn how to style it.  I was scared but it seems to be working out well and people seem to really like it.  I have a lot of hair so my  hair was really heavy and now I feel so light.

//The picture next to Ashley Greene is of a Bookcase, I am thinking about painting the bookcases I have and decorating them in a vintage yet modern way.

//Next is a quote that I enjoy very much by C.S. Lewis and though I may slightly disagree with that statement when it comes to certain books, it's a great quote.  My mood with that picture depicts my desire and need to read more books and study more of my bible so that I may continue to grow in my relationship with Christ.

//Then you will see a living room, desk area, bedroom and bathroom storage.  I am and have been in the mood of re-decorating those areas of my home.  At the moment the desk has become a junk table and I feel the need to organize it and clean it up.  My living room is just so bland and I would really like to revamp it up a bit.  The bathroom has little to no storage so I need to figure out what I can do with the space I have.  Lastly, the bedroom!  We need a new bed and curtains and so much more.  At the moment it is very bland too.

I think I will title this mood board CHANGE because I am going through a season of change right now.  I had the same hair style since 2002 and was so comfortable with it I didn't want to change it but I finally did it and I like it.  Change in my life walk with God and wanting to put more effort into our relationship because I realize that I need him all the time not just when times are tough.  Ending with my home and attempting to make it more organized and cozy for my family, a place for us to rest and relax with each other and friends without clutter.

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It was fun working on this prompt I hope to be able to do the rest of the 15 prompts in the coming days.  Fingers crossed.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you make your way back and I hope you have a blessed and beautiful week.

Till next time,

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