Friday, September 26, 2014

Change is ok...

Day 26 of the Blog-tember challenge already and this will be my 30th blogpost.  If I would have started the challenge when I was supposed to it would be my 47th. (I think, I could have done the math wrong) The prompt for today is, “How have you changed in the past year?”

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I sit here in front of my laptop digging through the files in my brain through the past year and I have come to a conclusion.  Change for me has not been drastic so far this year but subtle changes have happened.  I wish I had this extensive list of how in the past 9 months I have changed an all these wonderful life lessons but the truth is that being a person of little words; it is hard for me to compile such a list.  Or, maybe I would have such a list if I stopped and paid attention every now and then.  I don’t know.  I just know that I have made some steps towards change and I like it.  What kind of changes have I gone through so far this year you ask? 

·      Starting with the most noticeable change, I got a haircut earlier this month.  I said goodbye to 14 inches of hair that I had been growing for over a year.  I was so ready to cut my hair because it was really hot and my hair was really long and heavy and I kept getting headaches every time I would put it in a bun or ponytail.  I had been letting it grow to donate to Locks of Love, which I already sent in the hair and I pray that it helps a little girl.  Even though I wanted to get my haircut and donate it I was still apprehensive.  I have had medium to long hair for the past 16 years and it was kind of serve the purpose of being my security blanket.  Whenever I felt like hiding I could just bring my hair in front of me and get a sense of false security.  I knew I would do this and I knew it had to stop.  So my sister divided may hair in half and braided both halves.  She then asked me, “Are you ready?” I inhaled and exhaled then said, “Yes, do it” once she cut both braids off I felt fear.  Oh no!  What have I done? But then I realized that its just hair and it’s ok, it will grow back.  Fast-forward to present time and I like my haircut.  It amazes me how I no longer feel the need to hide behind my hair.  Why would I need my hair to be my security when I have the Lord in my life?

·      That last sentence brings me to my next change, which is more internal then external.  Something I struggle with is being bold and trusting that God’s in control.  It’s a slow change but steadily happening.  I am being to completely trust, 100%.  It is a process though, sometimes we say “give it all to Jesus” and it is easy to say but when it comes down to actually doing it?  It is hard in some situations.  I’m slowly trying to be bold in my faithfulness to him.  I have had so many opportunities to share his word but I would shy away.  I once again had FEAR that I would say the wrong thing, offend someone or just be out of line but I’m learning that I have to rely on God and trust that the Holy Spirit is with me and that I am allowing them to guide me through these opportunities.  If I rely on me, many of the times things go south but when I rely on him, it seems to work out.  Weird right?

Not much change but significant change I think.  I pray that you have a wonderful Friday and a blessed weekend full of adventure and fun with the family and friends.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate you taking time from your day and reading my not so interesting thoughts or my not so interesting life Lol.

Till next time,

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