Thursday, September 25, 2014

No guest today :(

We are on day 25 of the Blog-tember challenge.  Being new to the blog-world I haven't made any lasting connections yet (but I am hopeful), therefore, I had no idea who to reach out to and ask if they were willing to do a guest blog post for me.  I even considered tweeting a request for someone to guest post for today but I chickened out.

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So, today it will not be a new person but good ole me.  I know, I know, you're tired of me and were looking forward to someone else (I hope not).  This morning has been a very productive morning for me.  I woke up showered and got ready.  I was out of the door by 7:30 AM and headed of to my vehicle maintenance appointment.  I was at the dealership for about an hour.  I had planned vacuuming out the car and washing it after the car appointment but to my surprise they did that and I was free to do whatever else I wanted and so I did.  I headed to the mall and browsed around Macy's, JcPenny, Sephora, and the Michael Kors stores.  What did I buy?  Absolutely nothing!  LOL, I just walked around looking at things and thinking of stuff that I would add to my wish list.  These stores have some nice things but the prices are just a tad ridiculous in my opinion.  I saw this Michael Kors bag for $500 and I know compared to a Prada bag that's nothing but to me that's way, way more then nothing.  Michael Kors has some really nice things but it had become the new Coach.  What I mean is everyone seems to own a Coach bag and now Michael Kors seems to be in almost every woman's hands nowadays too and I don't know about you but I personally don't like having the same things the everyone else around me has.

Now I am sitting in Starbucks and there are these two girls sitting next to me and their conversation is very interesting.  They are talking about their exes and how much they hate them but yet want to get back with them because they will never find anyone like them.  That got me thinking.  Is that true?  Are these girls right?  They will never find anyone better then those two boys they are talking about? I would say they are wrong.  What do you think?  I think that in this vast world they would have the opportunity to find someone who would love, care for and provide for them.  Why do they feel this way?  What happened to them that they feel they won't find better?  These questions pop up in my head and not knowing their lives I can't come to my own conclusions about their pasts or assume they have daddy issues or mommy issues.  Or, maybe they experienced some traumatic stuff in life that have caused them to feel as though they don't deserve better then the Ex's and think that's the best they can get.  I strong part of me wants to twist a to my left and pray with them asking that God repair their hearts and the he guides them towards the right man.  I think I am thinking too much into this but this is just what popped into my head.

Oh, oh, oh... I almost forgot to mention my Target trip.  Ok so at around 10 AM I made my way into Target and there weren't a lot of people so I was excited to roam around and see if I saw anything worth purchasing.  Anyways, here I am walking around I make my way to the nail polishes (an obsession of mine) and this lady was sitting on the floor polishing her toe nails.  Yes, you read that correctly, she was polishing her toe nails.  At first I saw it to be a little weird but didn't think she wouldn't purchase the nail polish.  Well, I stood there looking at the colors and she finishes and then guess what?  Yup, you guessed it she put the polish back!  And kept looking at the polishes. (the whole time I am standing there in aww) She then grabs nail polish remover and a napkin from her purse and proceeds to take off the polish on her toes and grabs another polish.

At this time I was in more shock so I look over and see this associate and I let her know what's happening.  They told the lady that she had to purchase the polish she used on her toes and she couldn't just sit there using product without purchasing it.  I perhaps would have purchased the nail polish for her if she didn't have a massive wedding ring, nice necklace and a Louis Vuitton purse.  If she looked in need I would not have thought twice about helping her out even though I can barely afford to buy anything for myself, that's not the point I would have helped but this lady was just ... I don't even know the word to use.  I have seen people sample the colors on their hand nails or a piece of paper but never what she did and I am sure she could afford a lot of polishes considering the fact that the cart she had was full of expensive items and she sure did purchase all those items I know this because, well, I did kind of follow her to the check out.  Don't judge me!  Lol, I was curious!  Wouldn't you be?

Ok, I see that I have written a lot so I will just end it there.  Have you had any weird or odd experiences at a store or restaurant?  Please let me know if you have.

Thank you for stopping by and reading.  Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thursday!

Till next time,

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  1. Love your post, it's so real! Yes, shame about the girls - people settle for 'safe' when 'safe' isn't, sometimes, the best option :( And, wow, what cheek, polishing nails in the shop!

    1. Thanks! Yeah today was an pretty interesting day. Thanks for the comment.


  2. You and I have a connection girl. I just miss us chatting like we use to. I would do a guest post but you know how me and Blogger dont get along due to various things but I still read and enjoy some of them. :D Can't wait to hear from you girl. Have a great weekend.