Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hip Hip... No Hooray :'(

After my awesome Friday night sandwich my Friday went from hectic to relaxing to throat hurting and sneeze after sneeze. Why? Yup, you guessed it, I got sick! Darn bacteria! I can see it now lingering within my body cells waiting for the right moment to unleash its unwanted and unnecessary wrath upon me. I sat there unknowingly, happy and ready to enjoy my weekend but no!!! That was not meant to be, I was meant to be ill. Oh the horror! Ok, that was a bit dramatic. I'm ok now, I'm much better. Friday during the day I was fine, I felt fine but then came night and I was sneezing and sneezing with a sore throat. I thought to myself "self, I think you're getting allergies. Drink a Zyrtec" so, I drank a Zyrtec slept and woke up not feeling too hot. I still had a sore throat and my nose was so runny. I thought for sure that I had allergies. As the day went on my sneezing got worse and I just felt oh so tired. By the night I didn't get better and hoped that once I slept things would be better. Well... I ended up waking up around 1 am and hurried to the bathroom in a rush to reach the toilet. Thank God I made it, I threw up, nothing too amusing just phlegm but that was pretty gross!  I hate throwing up when I am full of dialysis fluid because it hurts.  I wasn't able to get back to sleep for a few hours and when I finally did the sleep was not pleasant. Very uncomfortable and oh did I mention I had a fever. Great I knew then that this illness was probably not allergies. Maybe the flu or a cold. Ugh... Just my luck to get sick during the weekend. Oh and to top it all off I got a visit from my Aunt Flo!!!
Great right? She always knows when to make her presence known. So, I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday at home sick and miserable. I was so scared that today I would wake up and feel the same, luckily I feel much better. However, my aunt is being a big pain in my abdomen. Good thing I have a heating pad.

That was my eventful uneventful weekend jam packed full of fever, sneezing and just good ole' hurt.  It's ok though, I feel much better today and hope this week is a good one.