Saturday, July 26, 2014

We lost the car

Ok, so technically we didn't lose my friends car but we kind of felt like it for a couple minutes.  One of my dearest childhood friends came to visit me in SLO (short for San Luis Obispo).  We headed downtown to go to one of my favorite pizza places ( favorite pizza place) Woodstocks.  We parked in one of the parking structures downtown and rushed towards Woodstocks.  By the way before I continue I just have to tell you that in my opinion this pizza is absolutely delicious and if you don't like it well then there is something wrong with your taste buds and if you are a rare breed of non-pizza lovers well then I'm sorry but you are missing out.  If you ever head to central coast California definitely make your way to SLO and try this pizza.

I got this pic from I was too busy eating to take a pic
Anyways, after we were done eating and our tummies were full of yummy pizza (well, my tummy didn't have that much pizza only half a slice, too much bad stuff for me but the salad was good).  We then decided to walk off the food and walked around downtown.  I am so bad I should have taken pictures.  Downtown SLO is so beautiful and just a fun fact in 2011 I think National Geographic and (you can't forget) Oprah said that San Luis Obispo, CA was the happiest city in America.  Okay so continuing on we finally decided to go back to the car and head over to a Avila which is a nearby beach.  So, we go to the parking garage and get on the elevator as I am about to press the button to the floor we left the car on I realize that I didn't check which floor we were on and so I asked Lena if she remembered and you probably guessed it, she didn't.  We decided that it was the third floor, so we go up to the third floor and no car.  Then, we look at each other and say, "no, we didn't come this high, it is the second floor."  We get to the second floor and again there is not car.  This time I thought to myself "I hope the car wasn't stolen!"  So then we proceeded to go to the fourth floor and viola, there was the car right where we had left it except there was this big black truck parked crooked and very close to the passenger side door.  Boo... I had to really squeeze in.

Screen shot Lena's snapchat when we found the car.
Don't mind the funny look on my face.
Took another screen shot of this
Bentley we saw in the parking garage

Once in the car we drove off and got to enjoy the beach view and the beautiful weather of Avila Beach.  We walked on the pier.  I had a snow cone.  Wish I could show you photos but I am pretty bad at always taking photos, I'll try to get better.
This is the only picture I took at Avila

We then got back on the road and before she left me at home we headed to Morro Bay, which is only a few miles north of Avila and Slo.  Then we walked up and down the embarcadero and headed to the big rock (fun fact: Morro Bay Rock is a volcanic plug).  Once again I didn't take many pics but I did take pics of the Morro Rock.  Well, instead of explaining the pictures let me just show you.

Part of Morro Rock

About to tread through dangerous areas but I like to live on the side of danger Lol
Lema didn't make it all the way passed the sign
She is struggling making her way back

A view of almost the whole rock

That was our adventure!  I like hanging out with my dear friend.  We have been friends since kindergarten so that makes it about 22 years.  Wow, 22 years!  Hope today is as much fun as yesterday.  

Hope you are enjoying your weekend

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I need a kidney bean or two

Sometimes I just don’t want to do it.  I just want to be able to lay down at night and go to sleep without having to hook up to a machine.  Don’t get me wrong; I am completely thankful to God that such technology exists that allows me to live.  Dialysis is not awesome but it also is not bad.  Yes of course if I had a choice I definitely would not choose to do dialysis.  I would choose to be healthy but this is my journey and I’m ok with that.   God has really been great to me.  He has given me strength.  Without him I don’t think I could do this.  At the end of the day I am human and though I am dealing with this quite well sometimes I just want to be NORMAL.  I wish I didn’t have to worry about heating a bag for dialysis.  I wish I didn’t have to hook up to a machine so it can do what my kidneys should be doing for me.  I wish I had a functioning kidney or two.  I wish I could just go to bed without a cord attached to me.

I have been on dialysis for four years.  My dialysis anniversary was on June 3rd.

So that being said, one of my other wishes is to get a kidney transplant soon.  Sometimes I’m just so tired of this daily routine.  I have forgotten what a life without dialysis feels like and sometimes I feel as though I may never know that life again.  I know for certain that I will probably not know a life without medication but that’s ok as long as I don’t have to rely on a machine.  I don’t usually complain, I don’t like to but I am human after all and well, I do get tired of it.

I pray every single day for a miracle whether it is a kidney or two or whether it’s me just being completely healed.  Either one I would be extremely happy and thankful for.

These are my Wednesday wishes.  I hope I wasn't all over the place.  When it comes to sharing my feeling about my dialysis I tend to jumble everything up.

So, if you have or have not been here you'll know that this is my first Wednesday Wishes link up.  You should link up too.  I'd like to read all about your wishes.  Share your links in the comments.

Love the Here and Now

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Quiz time

This is my first link-up and I decided to do this Blogmopolitan Quiz.  Was fun to do!

Enjoy your Monday and the rest of the week.  

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