Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oh Sk!rts!

Skirts, skirts and more skirts... ok not that many :-)

This summer I am in like okay fine, in love with skirts and the like will make its way into Fall and Winter and hopefully through to Spring and Summer.  From the Maxi-Skirt (or Dress) to a knee high A-line skirt even to a skater skirt I am for it.  You can dress them up dress them down and you still look amazing.  You can be tall like me or short (really like me ugh, 5’3 here) and pull a nice skirt off. You can wear them when it's hot or cold and for any occasion.

I decided to go to my Pinterest Clothes Board and share some adorable skirts 
I am absolutely in love with. 

This Red Skirt is absolutely lovely in my opinion.  I need one!

Another favorite is this Silk Maxi Skirt is elegant yet simple.

Yellow knee high A-Line Skirt is simply cute.  Right?  Those pumps are cute too.

Ooh, yellow again just in a Maxi Skirt.  I would definitely wear Converse this this outfit.  
Yellow has been one of the colors I have been drawn to this summer.

I had to do it, I had to at least add one Maxi-Dress picture.  I want one in purple. 

Summer thank you for coming but Fall I am ready for you so I can remake this look.
I need a green skirt first.

I hope you share my like for skirts as I do.  One reason I like Maxi Skirts aside from the fact that they are pretty and comfortable is my arms, chest and face are tanned but my legs are most certainly not, they may have the potential of blinding people. (lol, or I may be exaggerating)  I have tried to tan them but it takes too long and I lose interest.  So the Maxi-Skirt is my go to skirt, I don't want to make people jealous with my duo skin tones. 

What are you liking in fashion right now?  Do you have a liking for skirts as I do?  
Time for 
Love the Here and Now

Today's wish is to get back into the habit of working out to tone up a little and to strengthen my heart.  I need a strong heart; especially if I am going to hopefully get a kidney soon.  I don't want to lose weight or even gain weight I just want to feel a little better.  My legs are starting to get cellulite and I'm not digging that.  My arms are not as firm and well, I'm not digging that either.
My wish is that I am able to move forward with this and actually start which is the hardest part of beginning any task.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you make your way back.

Till next time,

Today with Lily