Sunday, August 31, 2014

It has been awhile

Update on what I have been doing

Well, looks like I have fallen off the radar doesn't it?  I didn't, life has just been keeping me busy.  I have had a busy month with doctor appointments and church stuff with our youth group.  Since August is the last month of summer break it was jammed packed with events.  However, I am back and ready to keep going.  During the month of September my goal is to blog everyday.  I haven't found any challenges for this year's September 2014 to link up to but I am hoping to come across one today.

Update on health

I still have not received a kidney transplant but I am now on two kidney transplant lists which is a good thing I'm sure.  I have had a lot of appointments but not as many as previous times and that made me very happy.  There was one season this month where I was crabby because I thought I had peritonitis but was assured that it didn't seem like it but a few days later I found out I did have peritonitis.  I was bummed but was glad to hear that it wasn't bad and the bacteria wasn't creating any growth.  I was put on antibiotics for 14 days and that was a bummer but I am all better now.

If you know of any September challenges please let me know.

Thank you for stopping by.

Till next time,