Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Unwanted Visitors!

This Saturday was completely uneventful.  We had these plans for today that my body interrupted with these unpleasant visitors that come every month and they go by the name of Cramps.  They felt the need to come visit today for most of the day and I tried to get rid of them with heat and tylenol but nothing worked.  Finally once the sun began to go down they left.  It must have been getting close to their bed time or something.  There were so many of them, geez, I really hope they don't come back this month.  Do you ever have that problem?  If so, how do you get rid of them?  Lol!  

So... in my moments of unwanted company I managed to lay in bed and watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  Wow, watching the episodes all over again really takes me back to my eighth grade year and my high school years.  Even certain episodes manage to take me back to a certain point in life that I was in when I first watched it.  Kind of like when you hear a song from your youth and it just takes you back to certain moments or a certain moment.  Crazy how that can happen right?

After my many hours of Netflix and once my visitors left I was able to get up and get ready and go to dinner which was good.  We had Tri-Tip BBQ, French Fries and Salad, then ice cream for dessert.  I didn't take pictures.  Gosh, I am such a bad blogger.  Lol I have no pictures to share with you all.  I will try to be better.

Hope you had a great Saturday and hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Till next time,

Friday, November 7, 2014

I wouldn't go here

TGIF!  Thursday was a very busy day for me.  So I am very excited that today is Friday because that means tomorrow is Saturday and that means it's a rest day.  Today's BlogHer prompt is, "What is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?"  

This one was a tough one for me.  I had to sit here for a while and think about it.  I think as of right now Mexico would be where I would not want to vacation.  Have you seen the spanish speaking news?  No, well they are practically on the daily talking about kidnappings and people disappearing even in tourist areas.  No place is safe there right now.  I have family in Mexico that I would love to go visit while I vacation but I am too scared.

There are some pretty places in Mexico though.  Cancun, Acapulco, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico City, Playa Escondido and the list goes on and on of these gorgeous places.  I am hopeful that the violence simmers down significantly in the future.

Well, this post will be short and sweet.  I did type yesterday's post but had an issue posting it so I will post it tomorrow.

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Till next time,

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hump Day is here

It's wednesday already?  Yay!!!  

Today's BlogHer's prompt for NaBloPoMo is, "Do you feel you have found your voice on your blog? What techniques have you tried to develop your voice in your writing? What are some characteristics of your personality in your writing?"

Hmm.. I don't think I have found my voice on this blog quite yet.  It is still quite new to me.  I am still trying to see what this blog will develop in and if I continue to get more readers what they would rather read.  I am confident however, that the more I write the better (hopefully) I get and then my blog will receive more traffic.

Techniques in writing?  I have no idea!  I don't think I have used any technique other then just writing down what I am thinking or whatever comes to mind.  I know thats bad and maybe that is my technique, I don't know.  I am however reading more and seeing the structure that some writers use and very interested in strengthening my writing in the process of blogging.

Characteristics of my personality in my writing?  I think that from my writing you can grasp my personality because my writing and even in my blogging I am quiet, not shy, just quiet.  Again, I am still developing my voice here so as time goes on and I get more comfortable blogging I am sure more of my personality will show in my posts.

Time for

Love the Here and Now

// Keep writing posts for the next 25 days left in this month

// I wish to clean my car from the inside. lol Okay, I know what you might be thinking, just go outside and do it, but lately making time for this task has been a little difficult.

// I wish to have my family together for the holidays like the old days.

That is all for my Wednesday Wishes thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again.

Till next time,

Today with Lily

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Holiday Season is almost here

With the holiday season upon us and today's prompt from BlogHer I got to thinking about my favorite holiday memory.  During my childhood I have a lot of good memories but the one favorite?  
I don't know.  I do however miss the days when my oldest brother was not married yet.  I have two older brothers and one older sister.  My second older brother and sister got married before my oldest brother and before he got married we would still have a family unit intact.  My Favorite memories are those that are around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.  Those were days that we would all spend together along side my mom.  We would hang out, eat, hang out some more and eat more.  It was loads of fun in my young age.  I remember waiting anxiously for Thanksgiving because that was the kick off to us all being together.  I remember waking up on Thanksgiving Day to the sound of my siblings and most discussing how they are going to cook the turkey that year (my sibling are 12 to 16 yrs older then me) and sitting down to watch football.  I also remember my second oldest brother constantly cracking jokes and being the only one who was laughing so hard.  Those moments of togetherness lasted till a few days after New Year's Day and let me tell you they were awesome time.  

You might now be wondering what happened that change and maybe you guessed it already or maybe not.  If you haven''t or have let me fill you in.  My oldest brother got married!  What?!  Why did he go and do that? lol  So he got married and his wife's family was from Oxnard so he ended up moving there which was fine because hey we were still gonna see them right?  Well, right for the first three maybe four years.  Since 2004 the holidays for me have not been the same they are now a dread and something I really don't want to deal with.  My family seems to have slowly fallen apart and my mom  is just too sad to knock sense into her other children.  My oldest brother along with my second oldest brother let their wives dictate their lives and their wives seem to ignore the fact that they, my bothers, have a widowed mother and really only has her children and would love to at least spend one holiday with them all.  Then my sister on the other side who would rather spend it with her friends.  Then there is me and my mom and I am having to put on a happy face for my mom trying to make things special for her and let her know that she is not alone and that she is cared for.  I have hope though that God changes their hearts and they begin to have a heart for my mom.

Okay that is the end of my rant... sorry you had to experience that.  lol.  It's just something that hurts me in a level that I don't think my siblings understand.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my rant :) 

Till next time,