Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2 in 1... 1st BLOG-TEMBER POST

It's already September and I once AGAIN will attempt to complete Blog-tember challenge with BraveLoveBlog.  Last year I started off ok and ended up not completing the challenge but this is a new year and new opportunity to complete the challenge this time.  I am already a day behind but it's ok right? I can still do it.  I hope I am not kidding myself... hahaha!

Brave Love Blog

September 1: prompt is to introduce yourself.  I have been thinking about how to introduce myself and I think I am just going to keep it simple.  So, here we go...  In my first blog post I share a big portion about my self, if you are interested in reading click here.  I am a 28 year old dealing with Kidney Failure and I couldn't do it without God.  I am a Jesus follower and my goal is to share God's Word and his Love with anyone and everyone I come in contact with.  I love my family even though they can irritate me sometimes.

This is me.  Not a great hair day    
My Dialysis Machine
I like trying new things except for adventurous foods but I do like food and if it smells good it might just make it into my mouth. 
I like to read, sew (self taught and learning), 
I enjoy being creative.  I am not the most creative person but I like to polish nails and create little simple designs or design my planner ever week.  Yes, I am one of those girls who washi tapes and stickers my planner.  It relaxes me.

Moving into September 2nd and the prompt is to describe your ideal day and what would you do.
This one is hard.  I have been sitting in front of my computer for about 30 minutes now.  I have so many ideal days I just don't know which one to choose and I don't want to make you read a long winded list of all the ideal days I would want to have.  

Let's go with a day in NYC with my Husband, Son, Mom, Siblings, their spouses, Nieces and Nephew.  A lovely day with no drama!  Just a good drama free, everybody is happy kind of day.  I love my family but I have some dramatic people in it and I just don't like DRAMA and want nothing to do with it.  I don't even care about what we do as long as we are all getting along and not one person has a bad mood.  I pray that day actually becomes a reality!  I think it's a simple ideal day but one that I would completely cherish.

NYC here we come in the future

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you make your way back!

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