Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hi there, if you have read my 7 previous posts then you know that I have been dealing with some sort of virus.  I had a fever for three days then a persistent cough followed by a congestion.  Today I feel 97% normal and so happy about it. 

September 16: The real you vs. the online you.  Are they the same or different?

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The real me and the online me are two completely different women.  The online me is 5'7 has a wonderfully spacious home surrounded by trees and lovely flowers... hahaha... just kidding!  

I want to portray my real self as best as I can online.  So, I guess the real me vs. the online me are the same.  I want to be real with the struggles and happy moments I go through.  I don't want you the reader to leave here having a false impression of me.  I am scattered brain and have trouble collecting my thoughts in order.  I jump around from thought to thought and writing has really been an outlet that has been helping me get better at collecting my thoughts in a smooth order.

Sometimes I read blogs or follow people on social media (that just sound creepy doesn't it?) and peoples lives seem so perfect.  They are always doing such great things and look so happy.  Do you ever compare yourself to someone else?  I know I am guilty of it and I don't like it.  I used to wonder about those people whose lives look like nothing goes wrong but then I remember that it is probably not as it seems.  I am sure those people have their personal struggles just like we all have our own struggles.

Not a good hair

I want to be the same person across the board.  So who I am in real life and who I am online are the same and i hope to keep it that way.  If you see me changing that remind me about this post.

Moving along

It has been two weeks of the blog-tember challenge and can you believe it?  Two weeks down!  Time goes by so quickly sometimes I wonder if I even had my eyes open or did I just sleep through it all?  We are half way through the month and this challenge it is exciting.  I am glad that I have been keeping up with each day.  Hopefully I continue strong and finish my second attempt at blog-tember challenge.

How are you doing?

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