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Aren't memories amazing?  Yes, sometimes we remember things that may be sad but all in all memories are beautiful and I thank God for them so much.  It saddens me when I meet people who don't have good memories like my sister, one of my nieces and a childhood friend.  They seem to be missing pieces of their pas and sometimes I'll bring something and they have no clue what I am talking about.

September 19: Tell us of one of the best days of your life.

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I am sitting in my Mom's living room with a hot coffee on the table, with my laptop facing me and hands on keyboard thinking of which "best day" to share.  I sit here searching and searching in me brain through the many folders of fond memories and then some not so fond.  I can't decide on which best day.

So, I am going to switch it up a bit and instead of best day I am going to share best moment which have some of my best days in them.

I have five nieces and one nephew and I absolutely love them to pieces.  My oldest nieces are 18 and 17 years old and when they were infants to the time they were about 3-years-old I remember laying with them for a nap and I would close my eyes wanting to remember that moment.  I would lay they eyes closed taking in the time and enjoying the fact that they were tiny and still cute... lol.  It started with the two oldest nieces and continued down to my others nieces as well as my nephew.  There are so many precious moments, I remember closing my eyes to absorb the moment and to remember it.  Thank God it worked because I love being able to go back and relive it even if it is only for a couple minutes.  Now they are so big and continuing to grow becoming their own person that it baffles me.  

Other moments that are precious to me are those moments where my family was united; especially during the holiday season.  Those were some of my best days, when the family was together.  My siblings have all married and through out the years we all became distant.  We talk to each other often but it is not like it used to be, the family structure is gone and it is so sad.  I pray daily that God moves in their hearts and that they come close to him so that we can come closer together as a family unit.  I could go on and on about why we are so distant but then you would end up reading a novel and not a blog post.  Wow, I started off happy and this moment is ending sad but that's life right?  We have good moments and not so good moments.  It is sad to have a family that isn't as close as they can be but as much as it hurts me, it hurts me more to see how it affects my Mom who not only was a single parent but a widow.  I pray for her continuously that God brings peace into her life and brings her family together.  

Ok, let's smile again and remember that God is Good and he is in control.  My best days consist of those special moments I remember with my family or friends.  Days that I remember being "best days" are days where I would make it a point to stop, close my eyes, absorb and take it all in.  As you can tell, I couldn't just choose one day, it was just too hard for me.

Did you ever focus on remembering a special moment of a particular day(s)?

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  1. Lily, what a beautiful post! We all have sad memories angel but you're right it's far better to concentrate on happy memories instead. Your Mom sounds like such a strong, wonderful lady (just like you) and she's lucky to have you as a daughter. I'm sure you're a great comfort to her. My happiest memories were when I was at College, and days out with my Hubby and our furbaby Jade, the cutest wee dog :) I hope you're having a fabulous weekend Lily, sending you heaps of hugs honey xx