Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Welcome Tuesday, it has been 7 days since I have seen you.  So, yesterday I waited for UPS all day.  Okay, it wasn't all day but just about, they arrived with my package at 1 p.m.  I broke my phone a few days ago and my replacement got here yesterday.  Good thing I have a wireless insurance plan otherwise I would have had to deal with a broken phone or buy a new one at retail price and that was most certainly not going to happen.

September 29: Write your own list of 10 blog topics to inspire us next month.

Wow, this is by far the hardest prompt for me to date.  I have been thinking and thinking of blog posts that would inspire you to possibly use next month.  I arrived at the conclusion that, "I don't even have blog ideas for me, how am I supposed to inspire someone else?"   But I still kept jotting down ideas some cheesy and some plain dull.  I even considered skipping today or just writing about something else.  Writing about something else would have been easy and a cop out so I am going to do this.  Here are 10 blog topics that I hope will inspire you for next month or the coming months.

  1. What are some positive/negative attributes or habits have you acquired from your parents?  Which would you like and not like to pass on to your children and why?
  2. One Day at a Time Lily
  3. Do the seasons affect your mood?  How?
  4. One Day at a Time Lily
  5. This one is more of a challenge.  I challenge you to unplug for a day and then talk about how you felt.  Were you able to not use technology or did you feel like you were suffocating?  How big of a part does technology play in your life?  
  6. One Day at a Time Lily
  7. Dream vacation!  If you could plan a vacation to anywhere expenses not an issue, where would you go and what would you do?  What is your dream vacation with no limitations.  Go all out or keep it simple.
  8. One Day at a Time Lily
  9. Favorite childhood movies or T.V shows.
  10. One Day at a Time Lily
  11. How do you want to be remembered.  I know, I know, this one is a little morbid.  I often think about it though.  How will people remember me.  Will they have pleasant memories or will I not even be a memory?  I think too much!  Lol...
  12. One Day at a Time Lily
  13. If you could donate $1,000,000 (one million dollars) to a charity which would it be and why?
  14. One Day at a Time Lily
  15. Share a day in your life with only photos and video if you choose to do so.
  16. One Day at a Time Lily
  17. Favorite and least favorite movie/song review.  Review a movie/song of 2015 you liked and one that you did not like.
  18. One Day at a Time Lily
  19. Being intentional.  Write how you are or can be more intentional with people that surround you be it family, friends,co-workers or anything in which you think you are intentional or need to be.  For example I want to intentionally be present when I interact with someone.  I want to listen to them and intentionally let them know I care for them and that I am listening.
  20. One Day at a Time Lily

There you have it, there is my 10 blog topics.  I have made a button for each topic just incase you actually decide to use one.  You can grab the button and add it to your post if you want.  If you do please let me know, I would absolutely love to read it.

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I hope you like the topics.
Thank you for stopping by
I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!


  1. Lily these are fabulous! I will definitely work on some of these and hope to try to do them justice xx Off to tweet, pin & G+ this wonderful post, thank you for sharing, huggles xx

    1. Thank you so much Rosie, I am sure you will do them justice just fine. Thanks for your encouraging words and support.

  2. Ooo, unplugging is something I defiantly need to try to do! Not only for a blog post, but just to separate from technology for a day!

    1. Yes, I agree, I need to try to do it too.

  3. Awww I always love travel and vacation prompts! They are so fun. i also like thinking about what kind of charity I would give one million dollars too!