Tuesday, September 15, 2015


September 15: What is in your purse?

I cleaned out my purse a couple weeks ago and took out all the interesting things.  I have managed to keep it pretty neat this time.  I use a back pack because it is more convenient for me and all my junk.
I am in the market for a new one.  Have you seen any nice back packs out there?

1. My back pack.  I got it on justfab.com for $10 I believe.  Pretty good deal.  Click on this link and you can get $10 dollars off http://www.justfab.com/invite/4739911/.

2. Travel sized hand sanitizer, lotion and vaseline.  I constantly sanitized my hands and then they become super dry so the lotion comes in handy.  The vaseline is for chapped lips or days when the skin around my nose is dry.

3. I have to have a lot of protein and a carry a Zone bar everywhere I go.  The strawberry yogurt flavor is a favorite of mine.  Have you tried Zone bars?  If not, you should they are good.

4. My medicine, I typically have them in this cute container pouch but I left it at my Mom's house so I am just lugging around my medicine bottles.  I used to take more meds but have managed to take care of myself well enough to the point where we were able to lower my meds.  

5.  My camera, I take it everywhere I go.  Sometimes I use my phone for pictures a lot but my camera has a much better zoom.

6. Last is my planner, I take it everywhere.  You never know when you need to schedule something in.  

That is everything that is in my purse as of today.  It changes on the day to day basis but I basically carry all these things all the time.

Wow... day 15 already.  We are half way through September and blog-tember challenge.  I am excited that I have managed to blog 14 days in a row even when feeling like poop.  Have you been participating in the blog-tember challenge?  If so, have you been keeping up with each day?

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