Sunday, September 27, 2015


Oh Sunday you are here and I don't think I am ready for you be gone.  Oh well!  I have some sad news to share, there are only 3 days of the blog-tember challenge left... lol sorry if I worried you about the, "Sad news part" don't hate me. :)

September 27: What's on your wish list? Be sure to include links so we can shop too ;)

I have so many things on my with list, it is really long so I had to limit myself to 10 items and the focus is fashion.  Maybe in October I can share other things on my list.  Hmm... that might be a good blog post.   In the list I have some lower priced items and high priced items but nothing too crazy just incase you choose to steal my wish list item and purchase it for yourself.  If you purchase an item for me too I won't be mad, but if you don't... grr... hahaha just kidding. :-D  I'll have links below.

  • Little Black Dress is from Nordstrom and it cost $158.  I have had my eyes on this dress for some time now.  This little black dress looks very versatile, you can glam it up with a nice pearl necklace and some cute heels or glam it down by adding a jean jacket and some converse.
  • Green Blouse is from H&M and the cost is only $17.99.  This green is such a pretty color.  H&M is one of my favorited stores to shop at, they have such great prices ranges and quality of clothes.  You can wear this blouse with jeans or slacks and flats or heels.
  • Plaid Blazer is from Target and the cost is $34.99.  This is a cute blazer!  Blazers in genetal can be very versatile, you can almost make it work with anything.
  • Levi's Distressed Denim Overalls are from Macy's and the cost is $108.  A little pricy for a pair of overalls but they are so cute.  You can pair them with any cute t-shirt, tank top and crop tops too.
  • Red Skinny Jeans are from Macy's too and the cost is $22.99 right now they are on sale from $40.  I have been wanting a pair of red skinny jeans for some time now but I have not been able to find the right shade and right fit.
  • Rose Gold Fossil Watch is from Nordstrom and it cost $135.  I have always been a fan of rose gold and I am excited that it is everywhere now but at the same time not so much because I like to be different and now everyone seems to like rose gold too.  *sad face here*
  • Turquoise Necklace is from Charming Charlie and it cost only $8.99.  The pop of color would be a great accent for almost anything.  You can definitely dress up any casual outfit with this necklace.
  • Tieks in two colors, well actually more but I didn't want to over do it so I just added the Rose Gold and Lilac colors.  The shoes are hand-made in Italy with Italian leather and they even have some vegan textiles.  I heat that they are very comfortable.  I want a pair but they are pricy.  The rose gold pair are $235... ouch!  The lilac pair are $175.   Flats in general are awesome because you can dress them up or down and they go well with just about everything.
That's my wish list.  I don't know if I will be able to afford any of these items anytime soon but i am hopeful.  I think that I will most likely be able to purchase the red skinny jeans, the turquoise necklace, and plaid blazer.
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What do you think of the items on my wish list?  Would you purchase any of them for yourself?

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I hope you are having a loverly Sunday and may God continue to bless you


  1. Love that watch! I have been wanting a rose gold watch for a while too.

  2. I want some Tieks so bad, but they just aren't in my budget ha! Good post!

    1. I also noticed my button!!! Thanks SO much!!! :D

  3. LOVE that green blouse! So pretty, and would go well with gold accents.

  4. Hi Lily, loving your wish list! That gorgeous shade of green in the blouse seems to be popular right now. Asda (Walmart) have the sweetest button cardigan in that shade, its so pretty. I adore flats! They're comfortable and you're so right they can be worn with just about anything. That turquoise necklace is fabulous too. Statement necklaces can just add a pop of colour or a wow factor to an outfit I think. Great choices Lily, thank you for sharing, huggles xx