Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Let's catch up a bit March edition

Oh my goodness what a month March has been for me so far.  

So the 6th of March I tuned 28! ahh and that was on okay day.  I had a doctors appointment that seemed to last all day and then I ended up having birthday dinner with my Sister and Mom at California Pizza Kitchen in Fresno.  Saturday was pretty fun I got to go to Fresno again and see my son's opening little league game at the Chuckchansi Park.  It was an interesting meet.  The game lasted an hour and there were no innings for 1/2 hour one team was on the outfield and the other batting, when the 1/2 hour was up the las 1/2 hour they switched.  So it got a little boring but I got some good pics and the reason they do the opening games like that is for time management which makes sense there are a lot of teams and each one gets an hour long game.  Once that was done we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings which in my opinion is not that good, don't get offended if that's one of you favorite places it just my opinion.  I ended Saturday by just relaxing.

  Sunday I headed to church then my Brother invited me to watch Chappie on IMAX in Fresno again.We were almost half way through the movie when I got a text from my sister saying my Brother-In-Law's Mom who was in hospice passed away.  I showed my Brother the text message and immediately we left.  I knew she was in hospice but I really thought she would recover from the stroke she had.  Sunday night ended up being a very somber night at my sisters house.

Check out the trailer (http://www.chappie-movie.com) if you have not done so yet.  I don't really have an opinion on the movie since I didn't get to finish it.  If you have watched it let me know what you think and if you think I should finish watching it.  I kind of want to because I am curious to find out what happens.

Got a little side tracked there with the movie but let's get back on track.

The entire week was just busy, busy, busy helping my Brother-In-Law's family with a powerpoint slide of his Mother.  It was hard going through family pictures the whole time I wanted to cry but surprisingly I was able to hold back the tears and be strong for my niece.  It was a hard week and coming into this week it still a little hard.  I am still in disbelief.  On Friday was her funeral and what an eventful funeral.  As my Mom and I were walking to the burial site a woman fainted and cut her face, her family ended up rushing her to the hospital.  Then as I was about to leave a minor car accident happened with my Brother-In-Law's Aunt, yes, his Mom's sister.  It was a crazy day with not one single dull moment.

It was a hard week but it is always good to see families come together and support each other in difficult times such as a death.  

I hope this week goes a little better.  I am still recovering from last week.  

I hope you have a wonderful day.  

Till next time,