Saturday, July 4, 2015

Who Am I?

I decided to join Bailey over at Brave Love Blog on her An Inspired Season Series and the first prompt is to Introduce yourself by writing your biography as if being interviewed for The New York Times, sharing your history, accomplishments, and where you are right now. Complete it with what you would want it to say in the future (biggest dreams and goals included) in italics. 

When I read the prompt, I thought that it wouldn't be too hard, after all it is about me and who other then me knows me better, right? Wrong, it has resulted to be a lot harder. I thought about writing it in the third person but that resulted to be a task too.  And yes, I know this is not Tuesday and I was supposed to post this on Tuesday but life got in the way.  Well, more like family members visiting from out of town.

Let's start at the beginning to where and when I was born and let's see in which direction I go from there.  I was born in Hanford, CA on March 6th, 1987 at approximately 7a.m which is odd because I am not a morning person.  I was raised in the small agricultural town of Huron, CA and we are literally surround by fields but I liked it.  I have 2 brothers who are 16 and 15 years older then me and 1 sister who is 12 years older then me.  From the time I was an infant till the time I was 5 years old we lived in a one bedroom apartment which was walking distance from my Mom's place of employment.  She was a cook at my Uncle's Mexican restaurant.  I remember that little apartment, the kids shared one room and my Mom had a pull out bed in the living room.  I would share a bed with my sister and my brothers had bunk beds which were fun to jump off.  I have so many memories there even though I was so young but one of my funniest memories is of when I learned to use the phone and would call the local police department to talk to my friend who was the dispatcher and I say friend loosely.  Her name was Norma and she would say "Lily, give the phone to one of your brothers" and I would.  I'm lucky I didn't get in trouble or worse that my Mom didn't get in trouble.

Here comes the summer of 1992 and we were moving to the other side of town.  I had no idea where I just knew it was bigger apartment.  When we got there I thought it was a mansion.  It had three bedrooms and two baths with a big living room.  There I made friends within days.  Looking back on my childhood it was fun, I did grow up quite fast because I was surrounded by adults but when I was with kids my own age I was able to have fun with them, however, I was always the one who thought about things and stopped everyone from making stupid decisions.  Except for this one time when we were playing tag I believe.  My friend Belle and I were running after our friend Jessica.  Jessica got the brilliant idea to run into her house and slam the door while Belle was right behind her and reaching her right hand out to stop her from closing the door when all the sudden she turns around with blood running down her middle finger and her finger dangling.  I remember running to her house as fast as I could to tell her family.  It was one of the scariest things that I had ever witnessed at that time.  I remember so clearly the feeling I had I felt sick and then I felt bad and wondered if it could have been me.  I remember planting my face up again the window looking out to road waiting to see when they would return so that I can see if she was ok.  Thankfully she was fine and they were able to sow the finger back on, it grew a little deformed but it's ok.

Fast forward to high school in 2001 I had all these dreams of getting straight A's and graduating 4 years later then make my way into Harvard for Business Administration.  After that I wanted to pursue a Law degree to become a Corporate Law Attorney but I had not foreseen what my Freshmen and Sophomore year had in store for me.  My brothers family problems began to creep into my life and all the sudden I was caught in the middle of a tumultuous marriage.  The arguments were every night for two years.  Finally things got way better Junior year and it was amazing.  I then became the straight A student I wanted to be but it was a little late for my overall GPA.  Fast forward two years and we are at 2005 and graduation was upon me.  I was going to go to a junior college then transfer to a four year university but God had shown me that he had a different plan for me but I wasn't listening.  I didn't want to listen, I wanted to do what I wanted to do and no one was going to stop me.  Well, you can probably guess how things went.  I was fighting for something that I knew I wasn't supposed to be doing and all I needed to do was let God lead me but I didn't want him to be right even though I knew that he was guiding me in a completely different direction.  Five years pass I am still in school working full time and going to school part-time.  Then, I got sick, almost died and ended up on Dialysis.  When I was younger I had my whole life planned out.  I knew exactly what I was going to do and how I was going to do it and it didn't work out.  I know now that God's plan is always the best plan.  I am here now five more years later with a whole new set of goals except now I consult God and I let him take the lead, it definitely is still hard sometimes but it's not impossible.  Now I want to have a business of my own.  I want to be a coffee cafe owner.  Secretly that was always a dream but I never thought that I truly wanted to be a business owner but I do and God willing I will.  I also want a family not a big one two or three kids that's it and I already have a son, he's biologically not mine but he is still mine,

My main goal is to see what amazing things God has in store for me.  I used to want to plan my life out and plan everything but with the things that I have been through I just want to take life one day at a time and enjoy every glorious and blessed moment.

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Till next time,