Thursday, October 1, 2015


Have you ever thought about how you want to be remembered when you pass away?  If you are like me, you have and if you're not well then, you haven't.  When I was younger this thought never crossed my mind but when I got close to death it did and it hasn't left my mind since, it could also be the fact that I have a life threatening disease but we won't go with that one. :)

I want to be remembered as a woman who loved God and was able to share him with others immediately.  I want people to feel like I was able to share Jesus love with them.  Be remembered as someone who was caring and supportive but honest and loving, even giving tough love when necessary.  Someone who was real and genuine in their walk with Christ.  I want to be remembered for the good choices I made and the bad choices I made that molded the person I am now.  I want people to remember the positive conversations we had and the encouraging words I spoke their way.  

I want this life to glorify God so much that in someone remembering me, it brings them to think of God and praise him because through him I am the person I am today or I guess then it will be 'was'.  He has molded me into this person I hardly recognize but love looking at.  He astonishes me daily with his glorious grace and mercy upon us.

I was at a funeral a few years ago for this church member I really had not had the pleasure of ever knowing.  As people went to speak at the pulpit I listened intently to the words coming out of their mouths of how much this man loved Jesus and how you just knew.  They kept going on and on and the focus wasn't about the deceased man but it was about how much God was apart of his life and ultimately they all spoke of how God reached people through him.  And, I thought to myself, "Self, that is how I want to be remembered.  Not for the amazing things I do (if I even do any) but for loving Jesus and sharing his love with the lives I come in contact with."  So I wan't to be remembered as a person who loved God, shared his word and his love with everyone she could.

I ask you, how do you want to be remembered?  What do you think about how I want to be remembered?  Is this post a little morbid?  Yes, I think it too.  :)  A great October 1st post though, right?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Blog-tember no more after today, well, for this year at least... it is a sad, sad day for me.

September 30: A farewell coffee date. Take some time to breath, sip a warm drink, and share with your new blogging buddies. If you'd like a prompt: how did the Blog-tember Challenge go for you? Any surprises? What was your favorite prompt, or what would you like to see included next time? 

I have my cup of coffee, grab your coffee or whatever you want to drink and let us make a toast to Bailey for hosting blog-tember and giving us great prompts and thank you God for bringing lovely women together.  Salud!

So, this is it, the end of the Blog-tember Challenge and I am happy to say that I did it.  I completed this challenge.  It is a good feeling knowing that I blogged everyday this month.  If you joined in on the Blot-tember challenge fun, yay and I give to you a *high five*

This certainly was a challenge for me and it went well.  I got to interact with some lovely women.  My blog-reading list has become significantly longer and I am very happy about that.  Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, I really appreciate you taking time to read my words.

I was surprised that I didn't skip a few prompts, like the VLOG and a few others.  I don't remember what the others are because I did end up doing each one but there were a couple that I just wanted to skip over.  Luckily I pulled through and did it anyway.  It was good for me to just set aside my feeling and just do it.  I have a tendency of talking myself out of things a lot, but I put it in God's hands.

I wish I could pick one favorite prompt but in all actuality I liked them all.  They all helped me think and helped me get my creative juices running.  I plan on participating next year as well and hopefully I will complete it again too.

It was fun and I weep (not really) now that it is over.  I don't know what I am going to do now that I don't have set prompts.  Oh, but I got plenty of ideas from many of you blog-tember gals.  So I will definitely be borrowing some prompts from you.

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Wow, it is already late!  I am getting this posted at almost 4:00 p.m pacific time.  I was having trouble with my internet this morning and just got home.  Hopefully some of you are still able to read this today Wednesday.  Well, it was fun being part of the second annual Blog-tember challenge.  Please come back and visit me some more.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Welcome Tuesday, it has been 7 days since I have seen you.  So, yesterday I waited for UPS all day.  Okay, it wasn't all day but just about, they arrived with my package at 1 p.m.  I broke my phone a few days ago and my replacement got here yesterday.  Good thing I have a wireless insurance plan otherwise I would have had to deal with a broken phone or buy a new one at retail price and that was most certainly not going to happen.

September 29: Write your own list of 10 blog topics to inspire us next month.

Wow, this is by far the hardest prompt for me to date.  I have been thinking and thinking of blog posts that would inspire you to possibly use next month.  I arrived at the conclusion that, "I don't even have blog ideas for me, how am I supposed to inspire someone else?"   But I still kept jotting down ideas some cheesy and some plain dull.  I even considered skipping today or just writing about something else.  Writing about something else would have been easy and a cop out so I am going to do this.  Here are 10 blog topics that I hope will inspire you for next month or the coming months.

  1. What are some positive/negative attributes or habits have you acquired from your parents?  Which would you like and not like to pass on to your children and why?
  2. One Day at a Time Lily
  3. Do the seasons affect your mood?  How?
  4. One Day at a Time Lily
  5. This one is more of a challenge.  I challenge you to unplug for a day and then talk about how you felt.  Were you able to not use technology or did you feel like you were suffocating?  How big of a part does technology play in your life?  
  6. One Day at a Time Lily
  7. Dream vacation!  If you could plan a vacation to anywhere expenses not an issue, where would you go and what would you do?  What is your dream vacation with no limitations.  Go all out or keep it simple.
  8. One Day at a Time Lily
  9. Favorite childhood movies or T.V shows.
  10. One Day at a Time Lily
  11. How do you want to be remembered.  I know, I know, this one is a little morbid.  I often think about it though.  How will people remember me.  Will they have pleasant memories or will I not even be a memory?  I think too much!  Lol...
  12. One Day at a Time Lily
  13. If you could donate $1,000,000 (one million dollars) to a charity which would it be and why?
  14. One Day at a Time Lily
  15. Share a day in your life with only photos and video if you choose to do so.
  16. One Day at a Time Lily
  17. Favorite and least favorite movie/song review.  Review a movie/song of 2015 you liked and one that you did not like.
  18. One Day at a Time Lily
  19. Being intentional.  Write how you are or can be more intentional with people that surround you be it family, friends,co-workers or anything in which you think you are intentional or need to be.  For example I want to intentionally be present when I interact with someone.  I want to listen to them and intentionally let them know I care for them and that I am listening.
  20. One Day at a Time Lily

There you have it, there is my 10 blog topics.  I have made a button for each topic just incase you actually decide to use one.  You can grab the button and add it to your post if you want.  If you do please let me know, I would absolutely love to read it.

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I hope you like the topics.
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Monday, September 28, 2015


Monday already?  Why?  I am not ready for the week yet.  This weekend was pretty calm.  Nothing too hectic or exciting.

September 28:  A day in the life. Take us through it with you.

A day in my life... since yesterday was Sunday I decided to write about a day in my life on Sunday.  Sunday is a relaxing day where I wind down and just relax.

Sunday morning I wake up at 7 a.m. Make sure I am done with my dialysis therapy and disconnect from my machine.  I then head on over to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face and do something with my hair, Sunday I decided to curl it.  I get dressed and make sure I don't look like a zombie by applying some makeup.  After I am all ready I eat breakfast, I didn't take a picture but I had some waffles with syrup and a scrambled egg.

At about 8:50 I headed to church.  I go early to help with his youth group Sunday school.    Then, service begins at 11.  The pastor spoke about joy and finding joy in serving others especially when they are going through struggles.  It was a good sermon.

Lol... This is what I wore yesterday.  I didn't put enough hairspray in my hair so the curls fell flat but it still looked ok.  It was a nice morning, I don't remember the temperature but it was pretty.

After church we headed over to Denny's for lunch.  Then to the hospital to visit my Father-in-Laws girlfriend but she didn't want to see anyone but him so we waited in the car.  No one wanted to take a picture with me.

We got home at about two I got a Starbucks latte and they misspelled my name.  Laid on the couch with my computer looking at my notes for blog-tember.  Had some Chinese food for dinner, I didn't want to cook and just watched CSI:NY till about 8:30.  I was so tired yesterday I ended up hooking up early and falling asleep at about 9 something.

It was a good Sunday.  Just the way I like them nice and relaxing.  I didn't do anything too exciting but I had fun.  

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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Oh Sunday you are here and I don't think I am ready for you be gone.  Oh well!  I have some sad news to share, there are only 3 days of the blog-tember challenge left... lol sorry if I worried you about the, "Sad news part" don't hate me. :)

September 27: What's on your wish list? Be sure to include links so we can shop too ;)

I have so many things on my with list, it is really long so I had to limit myself to 10 items and the focus is fashion.  Maybe in October I can share other things on my list.  Hmm... that might be a good blog post.   In the list I have some lower priced items and high priced items but nothing too crazy just incase you choose to steal my wish list item and purchase it for yourself.  If you purchase an item for me too I won't be mad, but if you don't... grr... hahaha just kidding. :-D  I'll have links below.

  • Little Black Dress is from Nordstrom and it cost $158.  I have had my eyes on this dress for some time now.  This little black dress looks very versatile, you can glam it up with a nice pearl necklace and some cute heels or glam it down by adding a jean jacket and some converse.
  • Green Blouse is from H&M and the cost is only $17.99.  This green is such a pretty color.  H&M is one of my favorited stores to shop at, they have such great prices ranges and quality of clothes.  You can wear this blouse with jeans or slacks and flats or heels.
  • Plaid Blazer is from Target and the cost is $34.99.  This is a cute blazer!  Blazers in genetal can be very versatile, you can almost make it work with anything.
  • Levi's Distressed Denim Overalls are from Macy's and the cost is $108.  A little pricy for a pair of overalls but they are so cute.  You can pair them with any cute t-shirt, tank top and crop tops too.
  • Red Skinny Jeans are from Macy's too and the cost is $22.99 right now they are on sale from $40.  I have been wanting a pair of red skinny jeans for some time now but I have not been able to find the right shade and right fit.
  • Rose Gold Fossil Watch is from Nordstrom and it cost $135.  I have always been a fan of rose gold and I am excited that it is everywhere now but at the same time not so much because I like to be different and now everyone seems to like rose gold too.  *sad face here*
  • Turquoise Necklace is from Charming Charlie and it cost only $8.99.  The pop of color would be a great accent for almost anything.  You can definitely dress up any casual outfit with this necklace.
  • Tieks in two colors, well actually more but I didn't want to over do it so I just added the Rose Gold and Lilac colors.  The shoes are hand-made in Italy with Italian leather and they even have some vegan textiles.  I heat that they are very comfortable.  I want a pair but they are pricy.  The rose gold pair are $235... ouch!  The lilac pair are $175.   Flats in general are awesome because you can dress them up or down and they go well with just about everything.
That's my wish list.  I don't know if I will be able to afford any of these items anytime soon but i am hopeful.  I think that I will most likely be able to purchase the red skinny jeans, the turquoise necklace, and plaid blazer.
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What do you think of the items on my wish list?  Would you purchase any of them for yourself?

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I hope you are having a loverly Sunday and may God continue to bless you